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Day 30: #30daysofbiking

A relative and I have debated the wording of the following phrase, but at the end of a cold night’s ride, after a rainy afternoon, after 30 days of riding a bit of every day, I say: Good night, sweet … Continue reading

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Two wheels through time: Lynda and the Luthy tandem

This Luthy tandem has survived the passage of time, including World War II scrap drives. We don’t know whether its first riders were in love or stayed in love, but that ignorance doesn’t make the bike weigh any more or less, nor does it diminish its graceful beauty. Continue reading

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Saving a Masi. Visualizing bicycle share.

I was pleased with the way Les Siegrist’s Schwinn Sports Tourer went together. But Jim Langley faced a much harder decision: whether to have an expert replace the down tube of a rusty Masi Gran Criterium. (Jim Langley) Seventy-five percent … Continue reading

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Bicycles for the 1%: Worth it?

I don’t spend much time thinking about the high end of the bicycle market. First, I have a hard time telling one miracle machine from another, despite the generous decaling. Second, you can have tremendous amounts of fun on bicycles that … Continue reading

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Bike sharing works. Professor commutes. Bike fit links

Bicycle sharing as an idea has been around for quite a while. Amy Westervelt says the reason more programs are succeeding today is that they have business models that work. (Forbes) Jonathan Simmons has a nice essay on 83-year-old MIT … Continue reading

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