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Downtown to delight without a crossroad: Columbia’s MKT Trail

The best part of Columbia for this ex-student is right downtown. Plenty of good eating places and quick access to one of the nation’s longest continuous trail systems. Continue reading

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How to park a bicycle with a toe strap

Two of my bicycles have Shimano SPD pedals. The rest have MKS Lambda or other pedals without cleats or toe clips. In spite of that, I still find that a toe strap is still a handy thing to have. Continue reading

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Katy, Rock Island, Greenway trails unaffected by Supreme Court rails-to-trails ruling

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy provides list of conditions that protects some rail-to-trail and trail projects against recent court ruling. Continue reading

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Tikit talk. From hair stylist to wine purveyor and business booster in Defiance, Missouri

When we got back to the car, she said, “Let’s go back to that business that had the wine in Defiance.” Turns out the Grapevine Wine Bistro & Visitor’s Center has wine and more–right there at 2886 South Highway 94, easily accessible from both trail and road. Continue reading

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Missouri maps the Katy, Elly tips the shops, Diane colors the Brompton

Missouri puts the Katy Trail on the (highway) map. Continue reading

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