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Word on the street: Al Cappello, Portapedal Bike, Tempe, Arizona

“When I get a phone call here, it’s somebody saying, hey, I love the bike, I want to order one for my wife. In architecture it’s hey, one of you guys made a mistake in the dimensions, and it’s a $25,000 mistake. Who’s going to pay for it?” Continue reading

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Bicycle commuters love L.A. And Philly speeders trigger red light.

Interesting report. Who knew 6 percent of all commuters in Gainesville, Florida, arrived by bicycle? Continue reading

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Moulton and Starley remembered. And Giant turns 40.

In 1950s Europe, adults rode bicycles with big wheels and children rode bicycles with small wheels. Then Alex Moulton introduced a small-wheeled bicycle with suspension front and rear, and the 1960s gained a distinctive cultural silhouette. A newspaper in Great … Continue reading

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50 years of small wheels. Fat tires to the South Pole

Haven’t read the book yet (patience, it’s in the reading stack), but I did take 46 seconds to see Elly Blue’s Everyday Bicycling video. See you out there, too, Blue. (Taking the Lane) 50 years of small wheels, that’s the … Continue reading

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Weekly Linker: September 21, 2011

The just-opened Indy (Indianapolis, Indiana) Bike Hub YMCA offers indoor bicycle parking and showers downtown. The mayor says, “We are making great strides to make Indianapolis a more bicycle-friendly city.” (Indy Bike Hub YMCA) Hugh Jackman takes a celebrity turn … Continue reading

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