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Wayfinding #2. 30 days of biking, #19

Found a new sign near the top of the Rock Island Greenway bridge over Knoxville Avenue. A sign featuring a single word: Love. Unfortunately, the sign fails as a wayfinding aid on many levels. Legibiliity: The letters are arrayed against … Continue reading

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Contrast and crisis. 30 days of biking, #16

Most of us toggle between at least two worlds. The analog world: the bicycle, ascending the bridge, coasting almost all the rest of the way to the destination—this is a short ride I look longingly to almost every day—people to … Continue reading

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Finding a new Peoria inside the old

Highways make it easy to leave Peoria. The Greenway makes it easier to stay. Continue reading

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Coffee first

Everyone’s inside today, but the only thing I need to add to my work clothes is a light jacket–and a double Americano. Came too late for a cookie, though.

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Day 25. #30daysofbiking

That’s one reason I call this website 16incheswestofpeoria. Another reason? Calling it bluebobthebellbottomedbananaboy would have been confusing. Today’s ride: On the Rock Island Greenway, just south of Bicycle Safety Town. And back to the shop.

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