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Two rides, one morning

First ride It’s rarely windy in Springdale Cemetery. This is a plus if 1) you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to ride a bicycle in windy conditions and/or 2) worry about possible wind-related damage to mausoleums, ossuaries and … Continue reading

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Thinking ahead to remember the past: Edelstein, Illinois

The main business in Edelstein is like a super Pac-Man on an itsy-bitsy game board without any ghosts to keep it in check. Continue reading

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Paws on the Tour de Edelstein

Monday morning. My fan gallery has arrived. He gets to the ride early to get a good view of the corner. Sure, it’s not a manhole cover in the rain during the Moline Criterium, but loose pea gravel tends to … Continue reading

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A short bicycle ride into the past

You have the bike and the will to use it. But what to wear on a 50-degree day in February? How about what you have on? Maybe add a helmet and pants clips. And double-tie your Sperry Topsiders; you don’t … Continue reading

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