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Catching up with Jeff while crossing Porte des Morts

You’re eight hours north of Peoria, on a ferry that’s taking you another 30 minutes north, and the first bicycle-related conversation you have is with somebody from Toluca. Okay, then. Continue reading

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Bad street? Streetmix it up. Plus, pedaling for sheep

What would Peoria’s Sheridan Road look like if we tried something a little different than four nerve-rackingly narrow lanes through a residential area? Continue reading

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A much better user experience: Brian Davis of Fix It Sticks talks bicycle multitools, business and bird feeders

“If I had to sum it all up, this is tougher than I would have thought, but I love it. I never feel like I’m working when dealing with the Fix It Sticks business.” Continue reading

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Lightweight bicycle tool: Fix It Sticks

A while back, BikeHacks.com held a haiku contest. The prize? A set of Fix It Sticks from Brian Davis, who makes the tool in Appleton, Wisconsin. I won with the following immortal words: Once rubbed sticks for heat But now … Continue reading

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Back road: Fish Creek, Wisconsin

A smooth road, a few trees, a destination: What makes the trip isn’t what you bring; it’s what you find along the way. Unless you have a flat tire–then a spare tube and a pump come in handy.

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The fat guy’s guide to riding a bicycle up a pretty steep hill for him

Fat, fat, fat. There, I said it. So, let’s leave euphemisms aside. For one thing, euphemisms isn’t the easiest word to spell, and we’ve got more important things to do, like climbing the hill to Eagle Tower in Wisconsin’s Peninsula … Continue reading

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