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Yuskauskas, still nice, now Peter from Brompton

I finally met Peter Yuskauskas, a tall and enthusiastic folding bike promoter, back in February 2018 at the Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association (CABDA) Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois. When I wrote about Peter from NYCeWheels in 2011, he worked for … Continue reading

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Top nine bicycle-related phenomenons of ancient history

The ancients were busy inventing time travel–transmitting their thoughts to younger minds and then to papyrus and paper for the illumination of later generations. The bicycle could wait. Continue reading

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A much better user experience: Brian Davis of Fix It Sticks talks bicycle multitools, business and bird feeders

“If I had to sum it all up, this is tougher than I would have thought, but I love it. I never feel like I’m working when dealing with the Fix It Sticks business.” Continue reading

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Bicycling by sweet corn signs

After a while in Peoria County, you know where just about everything is. One reason is that most of what you see during the spring, summer and fall is exactly two things: corn and soybeans. In the summer, the corn … Continue reading

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Taking a strawman for a bicycle ride

A lot of bicycle marketing is based on the idea that we ride bicycles to stand out from the crowd, whether that crowd comprises 1) people who don’t ride bicycles, 2) people who ride bicycles but not nearly as fast … Continue reading

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Doing video right: the NYCeWheels way

Let’s overgeneralize for a moment. When you think about high-quality business-to-consumer video marketing, who is responsible for the real heavy-lifting? The main company? Or its dealers? Is it Proctor and Gamble? Or Cub Food in Freeport, Illinois? Is it Ford? … Continue reading

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North end of Bushwhacker all bikes, all the time

UPDATE 11/14/18: So much has changed since this article was first published in 2011: Bushwhacker moved two miles to the northeast to the first building that owner Rich Pestien has ever owned, a single-level, 15,000-square-foot structure at 5728 N. Knoxville … Continue reading

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