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Questions for the reader awheel

When you look at a bicycle, what catches your attention? The orange frame, the shiny cold-forged cranks, or the red panniers just slightly smaller than Rhode Island? When you ride a bicycle, are you more interested in the twisty gray … Continue reading

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This essay has way too many exclamation points. Go ride your bike!

People on television put a lot of effort into selling prescription drugs—and their side effects. Go ride your bike! In the United States, some believe there are two sides to any issue. Others disagree. Go ride your bike! Serious people … Continue reading

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What do birds think of us humans? 30 days of biking, #30

What does a bird think of us? It’s all conjecture, isn’t it? No bird uses Google search, which would then allow its interests to be tracked, thus exposing a pattern of thought, maybe something of its reactions to us. Hard … Continue reading

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Wider tires are saving the dropped bar. 30 days of biking, #17

When I sold bicycles in the United States in the late ’70s and early ’80s, every bike in the store—with the exception of three-speeds and bikes for kids—had dropped handlebars. Dropped bars weren’t the best solution for everyone, not even … Continue reading

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The original WYSIWYG. 30 days of biking, #2

A bicycle doesn’t look like anything else but but a bicycle. It doesn’t look like you or me, a soda bottle or an airplane. A bicycle doesn’t have an interior. Everything it is—with the exception of bearings and, these days, … Continue reading

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