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Of course you’re not a professional—you work on your own bicycle

I am a person who rides a bicycle; like people say who shop for bikes, I am not a professional. But what does that mean, not a professional? For many customers it’s a defensive admission. I am not a professional: … Continue reading

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Buying a bicycle on your own

You know how to ride a bicycle. Why should buying it be any more difficult? You walk into a shop or browse a website intent on the tangibles: construction, components, brand, color, whether it’s a road bike or recumbent, mountain … Continue reading

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North end of Bushwhacker all bikes, all the time

UPDATE 11/14/18: So much has changed since this article was first published in 2011: Bushwhacker moved two miles to the northeast to the first building that owner Rich Pestien has ever owned, a single-level, 15,000-square-foot structure at 5728 N. Knoxville … Continue reading

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Online, Dahon simplifies bicycle choice

I make choices every day. Do I get up at 5 a.m. or wait for the dog to bark? If I’m thinking about lunch, do I want peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich? Or peanut butter and sweet pickles? … Continue reading

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Walter asks for the sale

A sale is at the heart of almost every exchange. Looking for a raise? You have to sell your value to the boss. Need a quart of milk? Either the store will make the sale by having the right brand … Continue reading

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