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Goodbye, N + 1

N + 1 is the formula to calculate the number of bicycles one should own. Have one bicycle? The right number to own is two. Have 15 bicycles? The right number is 16. There are at least three reasons why … Continue reading

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Day 27: #30daysofbiking

Horizontal travel between bursts of vertical rain. Fillet-brazed Schwinn Sports Tourer frameset, cranks, headset, brakes and kickstand are 42 years old. Front Campy and rear Phil Wood hubs are probably that old as well, though not original to the machine. … Continue reading

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Day 3: #30daysofbiking

It’s a Twitter thing. Ride every day in April. Doesn’t matter how far or for what. And today, it wasn’t far. Still, it was nice to have a flock of geese for an audience.

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Bicycle boy and the terror of the total teardown: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

Submitted for your consideration: an all-steel Schwinn-approved front derailleur, disassembled, which bicycle shops used to do, just like they used to build inexpensive steel replacement wheels in the winter, just like they used to maintain cog boards so people could … Continue reading

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Strip and Give Me 34: The Schwinn Sports Tourer

I’m trying to remember a book I read back when it was important that a book have good illustrations. For once, the Internet is of no help. So, I’ll try to pass along the gist of the story as best I remember … Continue reading

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