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Building better signs

It’s fun to ride a gravel bike. Unless, that is, you’re focused on the idea that some roads are really supposed to be blacktop. Like Santa Fe Road in Hallock Township.  Back in the spring, workers turned three sections of … Continue reading

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No flood. Just East Peoria

There are two sides to any infrastructure budget: the money to build and the money to maintain. According to my friend Denny, who just took this photo, East Peoria may be overlooking that second pot of money when it comes … Continue reading

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Tikit techies will tuck into terrifically timely tikit tech wiki

Glad to see this note from Sean Luke on the yak over at Bike Friday. It starts off with a link that all Bike Friday tikit owners should bookmark immediately (I’ve added it to the folding/non-folding links on this website): … Continue reading

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