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What’s your line?

Ride around the block and you soon find yourself retracing your journey. Not exactly, of course: a single-track vehicle cannot help but make two tracks in the snow, the track of the rear tire crossing and recrossing the track of … Continue reading

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Day 16. 30 Days of Biking

Snow. Again. The bluebirds sat heavy on the deck rail this morning, waiting for the mealworms that magically appear whenever the door to the deck opens. (Do they hang around to see their benefactor distribute the goodies? No. They do … Continue reading

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Day 12. 30 Days of Riding

First ride of the year in bibs. Mid ’50s in the morning. (With winds southwest at 14 mph, but I’m not here to brag about drilling through the wind at my usual 25 mph pace. Or 20. Or 13. Or … Continue reading

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Day 9. 30 Days of Biking

Earth is unique within the solar system for many reasons. (The variety of lobster forks immediately comes to mind.) Continue reading

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Bicycle the measure of all things

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