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The Invention of Nothing

If you like to ride road bikes and you’ve been paying attention to them for a few decades, you’ve noticed quite a bit of change, especially on the high end. In the 1980s, indexed shifting replaced the need to manually … Continue reading

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What bicycles and light bulbs have in common

The bicycle by itself is of limited use. It’s when you introduce infrastructure—a smoother trail or a better street—that an interesting experiment becomes a solid transportation option. Continue reading

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Peoria’s newest waste of space: Route 40 and Cedar Hills Drive

Just a couple of quick looks at the intersection of Route 40 and Cedar Hills Drive on the north end of Peoria. (Thanks for the lift, John Martin.) Here we’re looking west at the intersection. Cedar Hills is a rough, … Continue reading

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Smallest Bantam Bike Friday sports 90-millimeter cranks

In addition to packable and folding bicycles (like my Bike Friday tikit), the folks behind Bike Friday also build custom lightweight bicycles for little people. Engineer Rob English recently shipped the smallest Bantam Bike Friday he ever designed. To accommodate five-year-old … Continue reading

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Non-functional traffic lights no longer legal bicycle barrier if Illinois bill becomes law

As a person who rides a bicycle, I believe that regulations governing road engineering have long been the main barrier to transportation diversity in the United States. And the best symbol of that barrier may be the traffic signal that is unable to sense the presence of … Continue reading

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