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Goodbye, N + 1

N + 1 is the formula to calculate the number of bicycles one should own. Have one bicycle? The right number to own is two. Have 15 bicycles? The right number is 16. There are at least three reasons why … Continue reading

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Day 14. 30 Days of Biking

Wherein our hero resolves to withhold any complaint about the weather until the last sentence. Continue reading

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Word on the street: Al Cappello, Portapedal Bike, Tempe, Arizona

“When I get a phone call here, it’s somebody saying, hey, I love the bike, I want to order one for my wife. In architecture it’s hey, one of you guys made a mistake in the dimensions, and it’s a $25,000 mistake. Who’s going to pay for it?” Continue reading

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Thinking about a Bike Friday Haul-a-Day. And, cargo bikes from Texas

Cargo bikes come in big and small sizes. And now one of them comes from Bike Friday, a company that made its reputation on bikes that pack down for airplane trips. Continue reading

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Bike Friday turns 21; Book Bike propels literacy

Bike Friday, the Eugene, Oregon, folding/packable bicycle company founded by Hanz and Alan Scholz, is 21 years old, and according to an email from General Manager Hanna Scholz (Alan’s oldest daughter), the company has built 40,000 machines over that time. … Continue reading

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Dan Henry remembered, Dahon turns 30

One of the first recumbent bicycles I remember reading about was ridden by American Airlines pilot Dan Henry, the same guy who designed the ubiquitous painted circle-and-line road markings you find along invitational bicycle ride routes. He died March 7, … Continue reading

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Smallest Bantam Bike Friday sports 90-millimeter cranks

In addition to packable and folding bicycles (like my Bike Friday tikit), the folks behind Bike Friday also build custom lightweight bicycles for little people. Engineer Rob English recently shipped the smallest Bantam Bike Friday he ever designed. To accommodate five-year-old … Continue reading

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