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Denver shares bicycles; Florida profits from them

Bike sharing in Denver resulted in 102,000 bicycle rides in seven months. U.S. bike sharing data here. (Bikes Belong) Florida planning council says three trails put $42 million into the local economy annually. (Orlando Sentinel) Could better bicycle infrastructure reverse … Continue reading

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Bike sharing works. Professor commutes. Bike fit links

Bicycle sharing as an idea has been around for quite a while. Amy Westervelt says the reason more programs are succeeding today is that they have business models that work. (Forbes) Jonathan Simmons has a nice essay on 83-year-old MIT … Continue reading

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Skip Orlando. Sing the commute electric. Infracult?

If you liked the game Frogger and you’re a pedestrian, you’ll love Orlando. Thoughts on a Transportation for America survey. (New York Times) “Electric bicycling, conventional bicycling and walking each have about the same [environmental] impact when considering commuting to … Continue reading

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Bike lanes in Morton. Shares bike, loses weight. SK tools in the U.S.

West Jefferson Street in Morton, Illinois, getting bike lanes this summer. (Journal Star) Slicing, dicing the so-called “economic” argument against bicycle infrastructure in New York. (The Economist) Is Ergon becoming the OXO of bicycle parts? Check out the Ergon PC2 … Continue reading

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Mayor of Normal, Illinois, tries out B-cycle in Madison, Wisconsin

To her credit, when comedian Paula Poundstone visited the Bloomington (IL) Center for the Performing Arts in April, she declined to make fun of the name of Bloomington’s sister city, Normal. (She was less restrained when it came to the … Continue reading

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Rent and roll: bicycle sharing in Paris and Boulder, Colorado

Is it a good idea to lend your bicycle to a friend? How about lending thousands of bicycles a year to complete strangers? That’s what the best-known bicycle-sharing service in the world has done since its launch in 2007. Velib … Continue reading

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