Right from the start: the Trek Precaliber

  Nice build for young riders at the shop: a Trek Precaliber with 24-inch mountain-bike wheels, direct-pull cantilevers, and seven cogs to shift among.

The cranks offer two pedal positions, which make it easy to accommodate growing riders. Bolt the pedals in first position for a short crank throw. Then, as the rider gets older, raise the seat and move the pedals to maintain proper fit.

That’s smart design. 

 Many parents shop for bikes their children can “grow into.” In the past, that meant a lot of beginners learned to ride on bikes way too big for them.

Not fun.

But no longer a problem. Not with adjustable-throw cranks and one of the more important mountain-bike innovations: the sloping top tube.

I also like the instructions printed on the handlebar stem cap: Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Maybe the words are too simple for grownups overwhelmed by the complexity of work, relationships and all the other navigational challenges of adult life. 

But they’re pretty much all you need to get started.

And starting is what it’s all about.

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3 Responses to Right from the start: the Trek Precaliber

  1. I love their Trek Superfly for kids but too bad there isn’t any stocks left when I wanted to get them. Ended up w/ Specialized Hotrock for my daughter. Not many bike shops in my countries cater for kids bike. Most adults here aren’t willing to spend for something they will outgrown it in 2-3 yrs time.

    • Kids bikes have become a specialty offering for many shops. Price is one challenge, for sure. But another is focus. If a shop sells to adults because the shop’s employees only relate to customers who are full height, it’s going to take an injection of imagination to serve people who aren’t done growing. If I wanted to sell more bikes to kids, I’d want to know why

    • …people bought kids’ bikes from a shop in the first place. You, for instance, seem to have overcome the price and limited lifecycle objections to the transaction. Why did you buy from a shop?

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