Day 10. 30 Days of Biking

No camera this morning. Instead, a picture of when the world was green. If you live in central Illinois, consider it a preview of things to come.

Another quick ride this morning. Just making contact with the bike so I can keep moving toward the goal of 30 consecutive days of riding.

This isn’t a competition. If it were, I’d be so far behind Amanda Coker, that it would appear I haven’t moved at all.

Amanda averaged 235 miles per day for 365 days. Not sure, but my first 10 days probably totaled about 20 miles (and changing a cat box seven times). That’s fine with me, though I am starting to think of goals for the rest of the year.

Ideas include:

  • A century ride (100 miles in one day)
  • A good-length gravel road ride
  • Midwest Tandem Rally
  • Robert Woo’s Dutchman Classic (110 hilly miles; the first 20 within the city of Peoria)
  • Participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge
  • Mastering the unicycle (again, after 30 years away)

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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