You’re outside more than you think. 30 days of biking, #21

Chris with Naperville-based Undercover Outdoors demonstrates the remote-controlled louvered roof system newly installed at CxT Roasting Company.


Unless you’re thinking of cave dwellers, you have to believe humans spend more time outside than inside.

Play along for a minute:

  • Riding a bicycle? You’re definitely outside.
  • Sitting under an umbrella? Yep. Outside.
  • Walking inside a house? You’re outside. Don’t think so? Consider one question: Where’s the house? That’s right, It’s outside. That means you’re outside, unless you’re saying you and the house are in different places, which doesn’t make any sense. Still not convinced? What happens if you open the windows? Where are you then? Where was all the stuff around you before it was in the house?


April 21, 1 mile

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2 Responses to You’re outside more than you think. 30 days of biking, #21

  1. janejoslin says:

    So…there is no “inside?”

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