Waiting for Jack Bauer model from Tern. And a Taco John’s turnaround

20120716-173515.jpgA big folder is a big win for this reviewer of the 24-inch-wheeled Tern Node D8. “It doesn’t feel at all like it is made for speed, but rather for every unfilled pothole, every seam in the concrete, every steel plate, every speed bump, every poor driveway cut and every other hazard found on city streets.” (DIY Biking)

Flat tire on your Brompton? You may be able to fix a flat with the wheel still attached to the bike, but most people still remove the wheel first. Here’s a step-by-step look at removing and installing the Brompton rear wheel–and its unique chain tensioner. (NYCeWheels)

Thinking cargo bike? Read this EdgeRunner review: “There are reasons to buy other longtail bikes—the Mundo can carry extreme loads, and the Big Dummy can be more useful in certain conditions—but for the purpose of hauling kids around town, we found the EdgeRunner unbeatable.” (Hum of the city)

Got a one-inch threaded fork? Get a Nitto. “One manufacturer has continued to make forged aluminum quill stems during this time:  Nitto in Japan. Their top-of-the-line model was called ‘Pearl’ until recently. For some reason, Nitto cannot use the name ‘Pearl’ any longer, so now they are simply called ‘NP’. I imagine this being short for ‘Nitto Pearl’. What hasn’t changed are the high quality and the beautiful finish. The classic Italian stems never looked this nice.” (Off The Beaten Path)

What’s the business case for the bicycle? Bicycles are good for health, accident reduction, productivity and studies dealing with bicycles. Here’s a quick review of recent findings. (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia) (Momentum Weekly)

Bike Snob, interviewed: “What’s so mindblowing to an American about cycling with your kid in a place like Amsterdam is how absolutely normal it is, and because it’s normal lots of people do it and because lots of people do it it’s safe and easy.” (BikeNYC)

Fast food, faltering revenue: “The Taco John’s versus the ‘old and blighted’ story is one of the most compelling that we share in our Curbside Chat. Here you have two blocks that are identical in every way, except one: the pattern of development….While we are predisposed to favor the new over the old, and we discount the value of those “blighted” properties, looking at the numbers sets us straight. In this case, that run down block that the city and others would like to see replaced is actually 41% more valuable than the brand new Taco John’s.” (Strong Towns)

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