Day 4. 30 Days of Biking

In a country of oligopolies–and in this country, more people are employed by large businesses than small ones, despite the politician’s cheap, unexamined praise of Mom and Pop stores–big things take up a lot of space, both physical and mental.

Big hospitals. Big airlines. Big banks. Big worries when big businesses decide to move their big headquarters to bigger cities, or at least bigger suburbs of bigger cities (bigger suburbs being, ironically enough, the tiniest of ideas).

It’s easy to bash big things. Not satisfying. Easy.

But small things can still add up in a positive way.

A little wind. A little bike. A little coffee. A little journey.

And a little more of those little things–just a little, not a lot–is more than enough today.

About 16incheswestofpeoria

Former bicycle mechanic, current peruser of books, feeder of birds.
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